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    Why does it have been lost in chess and chess cards


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Why does it have been lost in chess and chess cards”
    1. Greed, almost all people who play cards are this mentality. It was originally a card, but because of greedy or related three, there were no cards when the card cards, but they were blocked by others. Just lose the card.
      always wants to play the big hall. Many people who play cards often like to play the hall. Originally bad cards, try to run early. However, the player who played cards was still unrealistic and still wanted to be a famous hall. As a result, he was beaten by others, so he often lost cards.
      Is want to enter the right and wrong. When some people are playing cards, his mind is not on playing cards at all. Instead, he wants to go for men and women. Of course, this kind of person is not for playing cards, but with purpose, so he often loses cards.

      The thought is not concentrated. When some people play cards, they will pick up the phone and leave the seat to do other things. In this way, his thoughts will be I was disturbed, so I didn't know much about the card, so I often lost cards.
      Cheating, we must have multiple hearts when we play cards with strangers. Because some of them look strangers on the surface, they are actually acquaintances. They collude to cheat, so we will lose cards.
      business cards, some people play cards, because of business needs, intentionally losing cards and bribery in disguise. This kind of person often achieves the purpose of being unable to sue by losing cards.

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