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    What are the software suitable for dubbing?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Software suitable for dubbing:
      1, the first push is Adobe Audition. This is a professional recording software. Many recording recorders engaged in professional recording work use this software. If it is just a simple recording, it is not complicated to use, and you can learn in ten minutes.
      2, Cool me K song. This is a KO official K song software, which brings together a large number of MV companion resources, and the recording effect is very good.
      3, yy channel. The YY channel can also be recorded, but it cannot be processed after the recording, but the effect of preservation is not bad.
      4 Dubbing, a convenient dubbing tool that supports any text content, a few steps relaxing, everyone can show their own voice.

    2. Everyone who likes dubbing, if you really want to try it yourself, you often encounter the following questions:

      This recording is always discomfort and can't say lines smoothly. Why?
      2. My voice is dry, or it is too ordinary. There is no way to be gorgeous. What should I do?
      3. How to incorporate the character is always in place and very distressed.
      4. How do you change the sound, how to practice, and how to apply it?
      It four o'clock above may be asked, so I will introduce it to you in four days, how to get started, practice and apply dubbing skills. Today, I first introduce the basic skills and training of dubbing.
      If you want to be a broadcast, host, dubbing pseudo -sound, radio anchor, you want your words to be nice, listening, and listening. An article may make it difficult for you to learn quickly. You can come to this The skirt is first in the middle of the 935th, 849, and the end of the end of the three six, and you will get a live broadcast class that listens to humor, and start your broadcast art road from the 0 basis ~


      The basic skills of dubbing and training
      This problems of the use of breath. If you want to be proficient in dubbing, in a broad sense, proficient pronunciation and resonance must be experienced.
      The inhalation should be used to use your nose. Pay attention to slowly like the floral fragrance of the mountains between Wenlin. At the same time, you feel that your lower abdomen bulges is the process of inhalation. Exaggerate, appreciate the qi of Dantian. Then the exhalation was to use the mouth to spit out slowly, so repeated training, even walking, working, and exercising slightly, using the nose to inhale fresh air, spit out turbid air with the mouth. After practicing proficiency, you can inhale your nose. When you speak, you feel that at the same time as speaking, the airflow is exhaling in the oral cavity. Resonance, it is the basic theorem on sound training.

      1. The part of the mouth
      The bubble sound: the lower the sound site (the neck nest), the better the bubble, the better. Don't be nervous, it's best to lie on the bed to practice, and the pillow is tuned and relaxed. [It feels like vomiting bubbles in the depths of the neck, giggle, experienced it yourself, and then carefully brush your teeth and raise your neck. The sound does not need water, but just understand it, the sound is similar to gurgling. It can be kept continuously, and some people say it like uh ~ Yes. Essence Mainly practice, don't tangle something. 】
      This lips: strive to pull outward. Twenty of the pout at a time is recycling, the larger the movement, the better the movement]
      抿 lips: strive to pull to both sides. A 20 [similar to the action of using the lipstick, but note that the traction refers to stretching to the root of the ears while holding on both sides of the mouth]
      This lip: try to make the upper lip with lower lips. The upper and lower lips make a sound, and the upper lip hardly buckle the lower lip [Simple understanding is to experience the sky with the strength of the lip, let's not understand]
      Top tongue: Work with the tip of the tongue to top the left and right. Face. Twenty of the force at any time [that is, use the tip of the tongue to simulate the sweltering feeling of food on the left or right]
      The tongue around the tongue: use the tip of the tongue to work hard in the mouth. [The tip of the tongue starts from the upper teeth, turns around the mouth of the mouth, clockwise, you can freely at the time]
      This: The sound of the hard jaw of the tongue and the upper jaw, that is, the "" position of "". [It is the crackdown of the tongue up and down. For example, when you were a kid, you used the tongue to simulate the sound]
      to throw the chin: 45 degrees forward, the upper body is naturally relaxed, and I want to fall off the chin. The natural relaxation of both shoulders and arms also relax
      This tongue shaking: 45 degrees forward, natural relaxation of the upper body, and the feeling of being lost in the tongue. The natural relaxation of both shoulders and arms also relax
      . Looking up and opening my mouth: Fix the chin, try to open my mouth up. You can clamp your fingers on the back of the neck. 5 seconds, 5 seconds to close the mouth

      2. Breath and vibration exercise
      did not have the strength until [simply speaking, at the speed of breath , Dudu Dudu's voice, you can imagine you to imitate the tractor]
      The interruption and continuous combination [simply practicing and beating, you have to practice changes, change the tone, change the breath, change the breath when you change the breath Continue to slap during the disconnection]
      The breath like a smell, suck the body, don't move the body, don't move
      n Slowly smelling the fragrance of flowers
      Slowly smelling
      Themaking practice band trembling position Raise a smile to increase the position [Similar music class, En En En En, humming Humming this sound, keep smiling]
      "A" sound to form a straight line in the humming and Dantian [that is, when the lower abdomen is retracted. Essence Intersection Intersection ~~~~]
      The eight hundred bodies running north slope artillery running north to run north to use toes jumping to practice passwords [This is the energy of the lip, avoid spraying wheat, read the two sentences to worsen the passwords. It is easy for everyone to encounter the text related to P, B mother, and may encounter other words. They will experience it during the practice, or you can search for the relevant winding password by yourself. The problem is. 】

    3. Fully automatic batch dubbing software, a must -have artifact for the media, free use

      n00:00 / 05: 1370% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / pause ESC: Exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: decreases by 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds studio Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

    4. n00:00 / 00: 2570% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / pause ESC: Exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: decreases by 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds studio Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

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