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    What are the games optimized for N cards?


    Sep 23, 2022

    I heard that the N card game is good because many games are optimized for him, so how many games are The Way camp?

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    1. The way ites meant to be played Because with a large NVIDIA, everyone always believes that NVIDIA "buy" a certain game, allowing the game to optimize the hardware of NVIDIA. NNVIDIA actually has close cooperation with third -party software manufacturers. The software team includes 300 people in the driver group, which is equivalent to 80 million US dollars.

      NNVIDIA engineers will suggest to the game developer to tell them which special effects will be the best in the game. Then, we provide tools to produce content and remove the wrong. Next, do the game test. NVIDIA has a GTL (Game Test Lab, the game test is actual) in Moscow. Go to the NZONE website for the player to test, get the data of the player's PC, and obtain the OPS optimalized player setting.

      NV's software team has 300 people, 80 million US dollars invest, which is a big plan and investment. To be bigger, more than AMD, ATI, and Intel, everyone adds up, in the field of PC games.

      game list
      13th center 1c Games 1c Games
      Age of conan: hyborian eidos funcom
      1944 Battle of the Bulge Games Digital Reality
      Age of Microsoft Game Studios Ensemble Studios rn Age of Mythology Microsoft Game Studios Ensemble Studios rn Americas Army: Soldiers US Army US Army rn Konami ExtremeFX rn AquaNox 2: Enlight Software Massive rn Arena Wars Ascaron GmbH Ascaron GmbH rn Armed

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