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    Lack of PC stand -alone games


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. A good game is only recommended: "Assassin's Creed" 1st and 2nd generations
      "Assassin's Creed" is a very high -degree of freedom. The production team is the famous Ubisoft Montreal. This production team has developed a series of works such as "Prince of Persia" and "Cell Sex". There are five games in this game. The first generation of producers is Jeed Raymond. The series of development tools are Anvil Engine. At present, the total global sales of this game have exceeded 8.6 million units.
      "Game Introduction"
      This "Assassin's Creed", which pays attention to bloody assassination, is the latest work developed by Ubisoft to develop 11 million sets of "Prince of Persia". Continuing the bloody action style of previous works, with the powerful functions of the next generation host, bringing unprecedented shock to players. The story of "Assassin's Creed" is set in the Crusades of the Dark Army in Europe. The game stage shuttles between the historic cities such as Damascus and Jerusalem. The player plays a white assassin Altair with a unique art, and has never been a superb murderer skills that have no trace, specifically assassinate the brutal ruling class. The people work hard. "Assassin's Creed" also continues all the advantages of the "Prince of the Persian" series. The protagonist is not only an agile martial arts master, but also the eaves are good at all kinds of assassination techniques. In addition The courage of a white assassin. In addition to the assassination mission, players must also collect information on the street or accept mission commission, and the old and old sense of nostalgia created by the game screen, and the bustling people's voices, really have a good visual effect. This work is based on the 12th century Crusades' East Expedition as the stage, and includes the "Masisev", including the Muslim Alien Association Camp, "Malaysia", "Damascus", the Holy Land "Jerusalem", and the Richard Institute of the British Lion Heart King Richard Institute In order to reproduce the four cities in the 12th century, the four cities such as the "Akry City" of the military city. In order to reproduce the four cities in the 12th century, the game production team spent a lot of time collecting historical materials to make the scene of the game more in line with historical facts.
      "Game Configuration" system: Windows XP or Windows Vista CPU: Dual -core processor memory of Intel Pentium D or above: 2GB graphics card: 256MB of memory, and supports the Shader Model 3.0 graphics hard disk: 6GB or more hard disk space peripheral peripherals : Keyboard mouse or Xbox360 handle "Plot Information"
      The bar waiter named Desmond Miles, one day was abducted by an international pharmaceutical group called ABstergo. Descendants need to analyze his DNA to extract the ancestor's memory, because his ancestor Altair knows the whereabouts of the Garden of Eden. Through this method, ABstergo can find the clues of this artifact. Although Miles was very angry about being abducted, it was forced to push into the virtual machine Animus by researchers and returned the 12th century Middle East. The 12th century's battle between the Knights and Assassin Alliances has continued. As the descendant of the assassin master, Miles found the memory of the ancestor Altair. Altair is affiliated with Assassin Organization, and his master Mualim has been looking for the Garden of Eden. The power of this artifact is an illusion to control people's thoughts.
      altair has killed nine Templar Knights in order to prevent the third Crusaders from eastward and maintain peace. When Altair successfully killed the nine targets, he gradually realized that he had been deceived: it turned out that ten people found a piece of Eden fragments. These ten people were the nine killed knights and their master Mualim. Use Altair to assassinate nine knights, just to swallow the Garden of Eden alone, and then control people's thoughts through this artifact to realize their dictatorship's dream. Altair, who learned all the truth, was shocked. He quickly returned to the Assassin's headquarters to ask his master, and the master who had achieved the purpose had long been regarded as Altair's life and death. The fragments were buried and became the new leader of the Assassin Alliance. Back to the modern Miles, I also learned that ABstergo's plan: they want to learn the whereabouts of the Eden fragments through Miles DNA, find and use artifact to control human thoughts. The purpose is basically the same as the MUALIM of the year. ABSTERGO currently holds some of the Garden of Eden. The kidnapping Miles came here just to find the fragments buried by Altair that year. At this time, ABstergo researcher Lucy also showed to Miles that she was a spy who was lurking in Abstergo. Her true identity was also a member of the Assassin Alliance to help Miles escape here. After Animus's experiments, Miles was very strange to get the magical ability of the ancestor "Eye of the Eagle". Through this ability, he discovered the secret in the laboratory break. It turned out that before he came here, 16 assassin descendants had been kidnapped here. After the experiment, the wall was murdered. The walls of the rest were filled with their last words. After everything, Miles tried to escape the laboratory with the help of Lucy.

    2. The more famous one is: "Alloy Equipment" series, this is the latent class, the "Secret Sneak" series is also classic, the "Marx Payne" series, some of the old, "007" series, the "Assassin's Creed" series series series In recent years, the more successful work, "The Shadow of Sneak Cherring", "The Allied Dare Death" series is classic, "Cell Sex" series

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