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    How to play James's style


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “How to play James's style”
    1. James's style is not only the body, but also has a certain connection with the rules of the game.
      The basketball game for the landlord is mostly half -scenes or the game. In fact, the two are almost the same, and they are mostly in position battles. Looking at the position battle in the NBA, almost one -on -one defense, rarely joint defense. Because the joint defense center has to stand in the three seconds area, and the NBA has three seconds of defense, in the NBA, the player breakthrough is greatly encouraged.
      It's current game is traditional basketball, without defense for three seconds, the center of defense can stand in the three seconds area, you suddenly go in, and you will be defended by the joint defense. Don't confident your physical fitness. Non -professional players are actually similar.

      James's technical characteristics are the promotion of guards. LeBron was born in control, so his ball control technology and ball passing technology are absolutely first -class. To put it plainly, James is a more huge Delong or Paul. With the talented body of talent, in addition to practicing the guardian, James can certainly have omnipotent ability.
      If the landlord, if you want to practice James to play, you can practice his guard literacy first -ball control, pass, and organizational consciousness. These are the foundation of James' play. The ball control is stable, and the breakthroughs are not easy to drop the ball.

    2. Your weight is too heavy, 140 is enough, I don’t know why you say that you are fast ... Taoist height is 170 weighing 160 speed. He dribbles alone, starts, accelerate, tank cars drive in, layup or deduction. If you are good, you can make a foul, but you must be careful not to rely on the body to collide too much. To practice it, James has a high peripheral hit rate now, so that others dare not shrink on the inside, and you have to pull to the outer rays to prevent you. In addition, James's breakthroughs can usually attract at least 2 ~ The three people's defense, so it is easy to divide the ball, and learn more. I also like James very much. I play like him ... I wish you a success !!!

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