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    How did the landlord play the game of playing chess and cards play?


    Sep 23, 2022

    The landlord game in the world is the same as the landlord gameplay in reality?
    is the landlord in the chess and card game. And how do I play the Hong Kong -style five cards?

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    1. Generally speaking, in daily life, everyone played the "Landlord" is two cards and four -person -to -fight -three landlords and one landlord; but on the Internet, there are one more one of the three people. ——The landlords in both households, because this kind of card is more convenient and faster, so it is only popular than the traditional four -person landlord.

      . First of all, let's talk about the differences and characteristics of the "three -person fighting landlord" and the "four -person landlord":

      : "A pair of pairs "The Landlord" allows three plus one, that is, three same cards can be used to take a zero card (one pair can also), such as 333. Can be used for 13331;

      . The two cards of the size of the size can be fryed (the largest frying) (such as the King of Heavenly frying the score)

      three, two groups, three plus one, are together, can be connected,
      , such as 3331, 4442, can be connected to 33344412
      , if you match the pair, as;

      , the bomb is used, the four same cards are bombs,

      Ip: Direct frying (if the frying is doubled, double the score. Times twice).

      Ip using: two single cards, such as 4444 (4 fried),
      can be matched with 2, 3, 444423, but not doubled.

      In three: can be matched with two pairs, such as 4444 (4 fried),
      can be matched with 22, 33, 44442233, but it should not double.

      Plip four: can be matched with a single card and a pair, such as 4444 (4 fried),
      can be matched with 2,33 to 4444233, but it should not double.

      Five, Double Tongtian:

      In use one: After the landlord gets to the end, the card is completed in one breath, while the other two have not moved one card. If you count, you can double the score.

      Plip 2: After the landlord has the first hand, it is pressed by the other party, and the other place is finished. After the card is released, it is established, and the score is doubled.

      , three cards are visible: a pair of card landlords are three cards, and all three parties can be visible;

      seven, allowed three or more continuous numbers to connect;

      eight, allowing Shunzi. (That is, 5 continuous numbers composition)

      nine, "a pair of card landlords" are mostly 1 point, the maximum call is 3 points. You can add points, and this simple and bright feature is also an attractive place for "a pair of fighting landlords", and the highest one has won 96 points (that is, the 6 -point landlord's bottom score is over 16 Double).

      It, I also like a deck of landlords, because it can be clearly considered to be simpler, and the composition of luck is larger, but in fact, the demand of the landlord's brand is still quite high. Therefore, two cards are often more popular in reality, because that is more particular about skills and cooperation, and only with sufficient skills and a little luck can truly laugh and arrogant altar.

      The five Hong Kong -style cards are also called shuttle

      It 28 playing cards, take four colors of spagen peach, red peach, grass flower, and square film 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 10. J, Q, K, A play the game. The number of players can be 2-4.

      In the start of the game, first send 2 cards to each, and it will be automatically appeared from the second card. Everyone can see it. Starting from the Liang card, each card is sent, and the larger side of the card bets clockwise. Personal bets can choose not to pay for chips. When others bet on, consider whether to follow or add. After some bets, other people who want to continue to play can choose to use the same number of chips as the family, or choose to add (more chips than the upper family), and you can also choose to give up the chips that have been escorted. When you meet the conditions of the game room shuttle card, you can choose to increase the maximum chip value of betting to the game.

      The final winner obtained all the chips on the desktop of the bureau.

    2. In fact, it is very simple. You go directly to/do to download a client, and then register the account. This game registration account is very convenient, because I am also playing this game recently. I personally feel that the game is good. When I enter the game, in the game hall, in the game hall, in the game hall, in the game hall Click the game on the left, and there will be a detailed gameplay of the game in the large window on the right. In fact, this game is not just these two games. The other bullfighting and Texas Hold'em are pretty good, and the gameplay is simple. At first, when my friend told me to play this game, I was too lazy to ignore him. Later, I learned that it was not bad. It was better than Tencent. At least Tencent Black!
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    3. If the landlord is your home, you will follow the cards and keep some big names. If you are on your house, you will top his card and take his big name. You will help you go to your family. Leave too small or too difficult to go, the soul card of one payment is 7 and 10, so I can say so much

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