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    He said that when he first arrived in the United States, he was shocked.


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “He said that when he first arrived in the United States, he was shocked.”
    1. The top ten sports mascots in the United States in 2013

      The first place: Benny The Bull
      Benny's attractiveness (that is, the degree of cuteness) is unparalleled, and has obtained more group photo requirements than any other sports mascot. The Bulls have never let Benny idle, and it has more than 250 activities every year.

      It No. 2: Pattire Pat The Patriot
      The team team: New England Patriots
      Return -82%of the respondents know Pat, and fans mainly think he is "fun".

      3rd place: Mr. Metropolis
      The team team: New York Mets
      Close to the top of the list. In recent years, the New York Metropolitan team, which has been troubled by the McDorifter case, has added the use of him in the advertisement. As far as the number of fans required to interact during the competition, Mr. Met ranked second among all mascots.

      The 4: Phillie Phanatic
      The team: Phillies
      35 years of time, he laughed on the baseball court to make a trick to make a referee referee. And hindered the opponent's behavior, he could still win a smile. He got the most votes in the "humor" category.

      : The noisy boy (Rowdy)
      The team team: Dallas Cowboys
      The influence of the American Rugby League (NFL) has increased. The noisy boy has received 80%of his popularity rating, and has surpassed mascots such as Phillie Phanatic and San Diego Chicken, and lags behind Pattius Pat.

      It 6: San Diego Chicken
      The team: Once returned to San Diego Padres, it is now free.
      In the 1970s, this weird guy opened a world for Phillie Phanatic and other mascots. To this day, his "humor" category votes are still second, second only to Phillie Phanatic.

      If: Source of the pioneer (Source)
      The team: San Francisco 49ers
      1849 Gold Rushman is not just 49 people Team, this team is named "Pioneer" with their favorite bread. With the results of the rising teams in the past few years, Sam's national popularity has increased significantly.

      : The Bird (The Bird)
      The team team: Baltimore Orioles
      And the beauty of tradition. As the Golden Magic team ranked in the playoffs last year, the bird's loud voice suddenly became more.

      It No. 9: Homer (HOMER)
      The team: Atlanta Warriors
      , "Bamed" has always been the safe and reliable alternative of the Warriors predecessor Chief NOC-A-HOMA. As early as the 1980s, Chief NOC-A-HOMA ended his life due to political incorrectness.

      The No. 10: Wally The Green Monster
      After a period of time, I decided to let this modern mascot participate in the team's game, but it turns out that the green monster Wali won the children's favor.

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