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    Ask the usage of Score and Dozen


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 1. Dozen means "hit, twelve", and score means "twenty".

      two, two words and numbers, A, Many, Several to use a modified noun plural, the single number must be used, and the subsequent prepositions are available. However, it is used to use more with of OF, and dozen rarely uses it with OF, such as: TWO Score (of) workers, three score and ten people, several dozen children, Many Dozen Books.

      . When the two words are used with of OF (OF is not omitted), it can be used in front of the noun in front of the noun relation. Such as: a dozen of the/through pelple, two dozen of them/us, a score of the/threeE workers. It means "a lot ..., a lot of ...". Such as: Dozens of people, dozens of time, scores of people. Some dozen people are "one dozen people" (about twelve people) and Some dozen of people. (SOME) dozen of people are "several people" (dozens of people, many).

      . In addition to the above usage, pay attention to the following idioms: (PACK) in dozens [打〕], (Sell) by the Dozen [On the sale (sale)], in scores (batch)

      The exercise: 1. The WOMAN WANTED to Buy Three ____ EGGS, But there is two___eggs left inthe shop.
      a.scores of b.Scores; C.Score of; dozen of d.Score of; Dozen

      2.The goods are packed in_____and shipped in____all the world.
      a.dozens; ; Score d.Score; Dozen

      3.The Teacher WANTED to Buy Two ___ Books, But the Salesgirl only solid him___these books. na.scores of b.Scores; score of; dozen of d.score of; dozen

      Answer: 1. D 2, A 3, C

    2. SCORE means twenty, it is the same as the words such as Dozen, Hundred, Thousand, Million and other words. When there is a certain
      number, it does not add S, but it can be used with the preposition of, but Hundred, Thousand, and Million
      When there is a certain number, you cannot follow the OF phrase. If you do not determine the dips, add s and of many.

      a dozen per pencil

      two score year 40 years

      a score of eggs

      three hundred Students

      hundreds of Students hundreds of students
      nh nThe bus can two score and ten people. Essence

      scores of people too part in the game. Many people participated in the competition.

      1. When it is used with specific numbers, it will not add a complex word-s nor the post-to-the-to-be. Although there are cases such as Two Dozen of Two Dozen of, this is an outdated usage. It should be avoided in the exam.

      2. When the index is index, not only the complexity of the number of lines, but also to be connected to the word of words. Such as: I ’ve ben there dozens of times. I have been there dozens of times. She ’s get dozens of boy-friceds. In the following example, dozens adds plural words-s is also a situation: Pack them in dozens. Press the bag.

      3. When E = "FONT-SIZE: 10.5pt-Size: 10.5pt-word is used in connection with A Few, Several : When you do not add multiple words -S, the preposition of later can be omitted; when the word is added -S, then the preposition OF cannot be omitted. (OF) Pencils = Several Dozen several dozen pencil Note: English uses the saying less in Many Dozen, to indicate that similar meaning can be used in dozens of.

      4. When the nouns behind it are subject to the specifically referring to the decoration of limited words, or then the subsequent people such as us, them Of. Such as: Two Dozen of These Eggs Two Batters Three Dozen of them 3 bets: Score, Hundred, Thousand, Million, etc. also have the above similar usage.

    3. SCORE, as a number, has many, a lot of meaning and 20 meaning, but no longer uses
      n nthere we scores of people watching in modern English. R nDozen's meaning, 12 meaning; many, many meanings

      i have ben there dozens of times. I have been there many times.

      That's so much, I don’t know the specific differences, I hope the master will help you answer ~

    4. SCORE [SK s :, SKɔə]
      n. Score, scoring, 20; background music
      v. Line, score
      example sentences:
      i recreded the score in a notebook .
      I wrote the score on the notebook.
      he dribbled (The Ball) Past the Goalie to score.
      This he brought the goalkeeper to score.
      according to the big, we can expect to live for the n According to the Bible, we can live to seventy years old.

      dozen [dʌzn]
      n. chick.
      My Mother Bought a dozen eggs.
      The mother bought a dozen eggs.

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